About Humans For Ethical Technology

❌ The Problem

Technological advancements have brought many positive impacts to individuals, communities, and businesses, but modern tech also comes with a dark side:

  • Closed source software and services that focus on controlling their users, instead of letting the users control their software.
  • Surveillance capitalism where companies collect as much data as they possibly can on customers to exploit and manipulate them for profit.
  • Planned obsolescence that leads to increased costs to the consumer, and damaging environmental consequences through unnecessary waste.

✔️ What We Do

In order to combat these problems of unethical modern technology as best as possible, we focus on providing the following:

  • Article publication & journalism to expose issues, educate in a manner that is easy to follow for all readers, and help people find ethical alternatives.
  • Hosting public instances for a range of popular FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) projects so that more people can use these privacy friendly and ethical alternatives.
  • Outreach and campaigning companies and organisations to switch to ethical technology solutions to best serve their customers and users.

“Our mission is to bring attention to the ethical aspects of technology and big data, help you stay informed, and provide you with resources to make technology work for you, not the other way round.”

Our Commitment To You

We believe that spreading the word on the state of technology, data rights, and ethics through investigative journalism, is the best way to combat surveillance capitalism, and over-reaching mass surveillance to aid political agendas. It is our mission to inform as many people as we possibly can on how corporations and political actors are using technology against them, as well as to provide education and resources to combat this as much as possible.

The only way to liberate the people from the evil uses of technology is through collective will, and we aim to play a role in making that happen!

Core Issues


Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) is at the heart of ethical technology. We believe this enables the freedom and transparency software users deserve from their technology products. The “Free” in Free & Open Source Software stands for Free as in Freedom, not Free as in Free Beer. Free software means that the users have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software. Open source code is a component of Free Software, which also means exactly what the program really does is publicly available to be vetted by experts.


Data is the new oil. Our personal data is sold, bought and used tocontrol and manipulate us often without our knowledge or consent. Webelieve data rights are human rights. We believe companies shouldobtain our consent before collecting and selling our personal data and that our consent is not granted in a paragraph buried within aconvoluted terms of service notice. We believe that the right topersonal data should be as protected as globally recognized human rights.


Profit-driven planned obsolescence creates huge waste and has a detrimental impact on the environment. We believe in the urgent need for more eco-friendly and sustainable technology. We believe in the right to repair. Climate change is real and our oceans and landfills are overrun with waste, including discarded electronics. Encouraging technological longevity is a vital step towards reducing our impact on the environment while continuing to enjoy the benefits these technologies provide.

Get Involved

HFET is, and will always be community driven.

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