The Trump 2020 Campaign App Tracked Supporter’s Intimate Data

Trump’s Campaign App Monitors Users’ Personal Data

The Trump 2020 campaign’s official app allows Trump’s team to communicate directly with over 2.8 million users, the most users of a presidential campaign’s app in history (source). Additionally, if users granted the app permission, it could and would also communicate with their phone contact list.

“Once installed, it can track their behavior on the app and in the physical world, push out headlines, sync with mass texting operations, sell MAGA merchandise, fundraise and log attendance at the president’s rallies, according to the app’s privacy policy and user interface.” (source)

The Trump campaign has always been data-driven, including help by the infamous data science company Cambridge Analytica in the 2016 campaign.

Author’s Note: This is a new era for politics, one where data science focused marketing companies can play a major contributing role in winning elections – to get a better understanding of this, and specifically the role Cambridge Analytica played in Trump’s 2016 campaign, the Brexit campaign and more, I recommend you watch The Great Hack, a 2019 documentary exploring the details and aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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