US Military Buys Location Data From Muslim Prayer App

The US Military bought location data from the most downloaded Muslim prayer app

Muslim Pro is “The most popular Muslim App.” according to its developers. (source)

However, the app also tracks location data and sells that data to location brokers (X-Mode in this case), who then sells that data on to clients. It’s been reported that the US Military is one of these clients.

The Business Insider contacted the company behind ‘Muslim Pro’ to get a statement, and they said that the app is “immediately terminating” its contact with X-Mode and other data partners.

It’s important to note that in the past, the US Military has used harvested location data from smartphones to plan and execute drone strikes.

Authors Note: I recommend that you be very careful what apps you choose to install. Remember that unlike a website, an app has much more reach into your personal life, so if it can at all be avoided (especially apps that are not open source or free software), you should avoid installing it.

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